August 2, 2022

Why Data Clean Rooms Make Bill C-27 a No-Brainer for Canadian Businesses

Bill C-27 is a stronger, modernized legal privacy and data protection framework that governs the protection of the personal information of Canadians

Data Clean Rooms

All around the world, the right to consumer privacy is being painstakingly tightened up through legislation. In Canada, that process takes the form of Bill C-27, a stronger, modernized legal privacy and data protection framework that governs the protection of individuals’ personal information, as well as the legitimate need of organisations to collect, use or disclose aspects of that information. And just like everywhere else, publishers, advertisers and ad platforms operating in Canada must be ready to comply.

Bill C27: Canadian privacy legislation

New privacy legislation is inevitably daunting for businesses, particularly when it limits commercially important applications of data. But there are ways to continue making effective and strategic use of data without violating consumers’ right to privacy.

The right way to collaborate on the basis of audience data is by using the data clean room approach. Data clean rooms focus on enabling collaboration between partners using audience or customer data, enabling personalization of offers and content, but with transparency and privacy controls at the heart of the user experience.

Optable is a data clean room solution that is uniquely positioned to serve Canadian customers. In detail, these are our credentials:

Optable data clean room platform: A made in Canada solution

  • We are a private Canadian company, already fully compliant with the EU’s established GDPR laws
  • Ideally for Canadian publishers and advertisers, our hosting takes place in Canada, with none of our infrastructure based in the US or elsewhere
  • We don’t undertake probabilistic matching on our platform - in other words, we don’t identify users across different devices and applications
  • We are ID-agnostic and do not operate a global identifier of any sort
  • We fully support the consent element of the legislation, according to which organisations are generally required to obtain meaningful consent for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information 
  • We offer robust data subject request support, for maximum transparency and compliance
  • Our differential privacy features prevent the re-identification of individuals
  • We collect first-party data in real time, using the client’s domain name. This data remains the legitimate property of the owners - Optable does not sell, rebundle or use audience and customer data in any way
  • We are integrated for activation. Our platform snaps right into any client’s existing activation infrastructure using Prebid, SDA and ad server integration - no need to export data
  • We create purpose-limited clean rooms that give our clients complete control of the outcome 

Amid the upheaval of broad-based new privacy legislation, data clean rooms are a compliant oasis of data collaboration, allowing companies to plan, measure and activate campaigns securely, with full regard for privacy, transparency and regulatory compliance. So if the many positive aspects of Bill C-27 seem to come with a sting in the tail for your data practices, data clean rooms are the privacy-preserving solution.

Photo by Jason Hafso on Unsplash

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.