Secure data collaboration for digital marketing

Publishers and advertisers use Optable data clean room technology to securely plan, measure and activate campaigns.
Data clean rooms for a new era in digital marketing

Secure, Private Instances

Decentralized data management infrastructure. Connect to your existing Data Warehouse

First Party Identity Resolution

Identity resolution based on your deterministic data. Built for a world without public cookies or device ID’s.


Connect to your existing CDP or use our real-time SDK’s to onboard traits and attributes

Frictionless Data Collaboration

Open source components mean your partners do not have to pay or become Optable customers. 
Optable is on a mission to redefine the way in which online identity and personal data are used to drive personalization of offers and content, with transparency and privacy controls at the centre of the user experience.

We use modern, secure cryptographic techniques to allow matching of data without it actually leaving the private instance of the platform operated by our customers and partners.
Media Owners

Unlock audience data

  • Improve the addressability of audiences and enable activation in a privacy-preserving way.
  • Increase the addressability of unidentified, cookieless ad inventory.
  • Gather powerful audience insights based on securely connected audience data from partners.
  • Assemble audiences using safely imported events, traits and characteristics.

Do more with customer data

  • Orchestrate identity resolution across data sources scattered within the organization.
  • Enable audience data onboarding using secure data clean rooms.
  • Use cutting-edge privacy preserving methods to activate campaigns with media partners.

Compliance and privacy by design

Privacy, security and trust do not hinder marketing capabilities - they power them. The Optable platform does not treat consent as a bolt-on mechanism. It is a foundational capability.

Built for multi-device world

Authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and connected TV platforms. Our technology is driven by decentralized identity, and is designed to work without third-party cookies.

Private, secure data collaboration

Addressability and consent make it possible to responsibly leverage and combine customer data. To guarantee the security of private customer data, we make use of modern cryptographic techniques, enabling interoperability and scale.

"Both media owners and brands have invested into orchestrating and managing their first party data - activating that data now requires a radical new approach."

Bosko Milekic,
Co-founder & CPO, Optable
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