About Us

We’re on a mission
to rethink the way audience data works in the age of privacy.

Founded by
ad tech veterans.

Previously founders of AdGear, an ad tech platform acquired by Samsung Electronics in 2016, Yves, Vlad and Bosko have founded Optable in 2020.

Our first product is a data connectivity platform developed for the next generation of data-driven companies.

Meet the team

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Yves Poiré

Co-Founder & CEO

Vlad Stesin

Co-Founder & CPO

Bosko Milekic

Co-Founder & CTO

Antoine Niek

Senior Software Developer

François St-Jacques

Senior Software Developer

Jérémie Lasalle Ratelle

VP Engineering

Nikola Milekic

Jr Software Developer

Johann Prince

UI/UX Product Lead


Head of Research, Security & Privacy

Amanj Sherwany

Senior Software Developer

Matthieu Beauché

Senior Software Developer

Marc-André Beauchamp

Product Manager

Alexandre Cadieux

Senior Software Developer - User Experience

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