Founded by
ad tech veterans.

Optable was founded by Yves Poiré, Vlad Stesin and Bosko Milekic - previously founders of AdGear, an advertising platform acquired by Samsung.

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Yves Poiré

Co-Founder & CEO

Bosko Milekic

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Vlad Stesin

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

James Prudhomme

Chief Revenue Officer

Kyle Carpenter

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships

William Syms

Director, Product Management

Antoine Niek

Senior Software Developer

François St-Jacques

Senior Software Developer

Jérémie Lasalle Ratelle

Vice-President, Engineering

Johann Prince

UI/UX Product Lead

Akshaya Mani

Head of Research, Security & Privacy

Amanj Sherwany

Senior Software Developer

Matthieu Beauché

Senior Software Developer

Marc-André Beauchamp

Product Manager

Alexandre Cadieux

Senior Software Developer - User Experience

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