Do more with customer data.

Amplify the value of customer data through collaboration with partners using secure data clean rooms.

The age of privacy calls for better tooling.

Secure, private customer segmentation.
Secure, private data collection across devices.
Secure, private data onboarding with activation partners.

Privacy-preserving technology for audience data management.

  • Secure first-party data onboarding creates new opportunities for collaboration with partners.

  • Decentralized infrastructure ensures privacy-compliant, secure collaboration with complete data  sovereignty.

  • Activation using existing ad tech infrastructure.
  • Possibility to use deterministic data as well as built-in probabilistic modelling to effectively resolve identity across multiple datasets.

  • Creation your own walled garden with consent-driven device and identity graphs.

  • Online-offline resolution technology based on the in-house identity graph.
  • Functionality allowing to securely "learn" more about the audience by gathering insights from data and media partners.

  • Dataset enrichment from identity and device graphs.

  • Discovery of new audiences and activate campaigns using machine learning models based on insights.

“Advertisers need the right tools to lead the industry in privacy and transparency.”

Yves Poiré
Co-founder and CEO, Optable
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