True privacy-preserving ways
to share
audience data.

Opt-in audiences are hard to scale. Building data alliances allows to share audience data securely, ethically, in a true privacy-preserving manner.
Integrates with any authentication service
Easy to activate through ad servers and ad exchanges
Hands-on Customer Support
Secure data sharing

Scale up audience data through partnerships.

The new ad age calls for new approaches to managing  customer data. The solution to data scalability lies in consent, transparency and collaboration with partners.  

Optable enables authenticated audience data exchange that is fully secure and privacy-preserving.
Addressability and consent make it possible to responsibly leverage and combine customer data. To guarantee the security of private customer data, we make use of modern cryptographic techniques, enabling interoperability and scale.
Authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and alternative environments is at the core of the new generation of ad platforms. Our technology is driven by identity, and is designed to work without third-party cookies or other global identifiers.

“The advertising ecosystem is ready for the next generation of privacy-preserving data management technologies.”

Jeremie Lasalle Ratelle,
VP Engineering, Optable
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