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Optable is building a data collaboration platform designed for media and advertising. We develop scalable software services that enable brands and publishers to collaborate in secure and privacy-preserving clean rooms for campaign planning, activation and measurement. We've built private identity graph management capabilities that support fast analytics and real-time querying on billions of records. Optable is an interoperable platform that supports frictionless collaboration through integration with third-party data warehouses, easy onboarding of partners, and secure multiparty computation and cryptographic matching protocols.

At Optable, you will join a close-knit team of talented and motivated developers with a deep passion for technology and a track record of developing scalable low-latency platforms. You will contribute to the architectural decisions, and you will be faced with very challenging problems in areas such as databases, distributed systems and cryptographic protocols. You will work with colleagues who love to teach and learn about software engineering.

As a senior frontend developer you will be a technical leader on a multidisciplinary team focused on delivering high quality features end to end. You will work closely with the product manager and designers on your team to build a stunning product with a great user experience. You will have the opportunity to work across the stack, with your team’s backend developers, in order to deliver software more efficiently. With other senior frontend developers, you will make decisions about the frontend architecture and technological choices.

Optable offers a competitive compensation package, including participation in the option pool. We mostly work from home with the possibility of heading to the Montreal downtown office whenever you need a change of pace, a face to face meeting or for one of our planned team activities. We will provide you a MacBook Pro or a Linux laptop if that’s your preference.

We are looking for self-starters with demonstrable industry experience and the ability to effectively balance idealism with pragmatism in a startup environment. The ideal candidate would have a track record of professional experience working on frontend software in React. Proficiency with styling engines and the ability to replicate mocked UI is a must. Any additional experience with our tech stack is also a plus.

While working with us, you will be exposed to

  • Typescript
  • React with hooks and React-Query
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Storybook
  • gRPC and Protobuf
  • Golang
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform
  • Google Bigtable and BigQuery

If this seems like something you’d love to do, reach out to us. Let’s see if there’s a fit!

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