New era for first-party data.

Improve audience addressability through the use of edge data collection, by leveraging securely onboarded audience data, and by bridging authenticated traffic with existing ad serving infrastructure.

Unlock better audience data.

  • Anonymous, event-driven data collection at the edge across a variety of devices (currently in iOS, Android, and open web with CTV and audio environments to follow).

  • Possibility of data collection using local storage or pointing your own domain in order to use first party cookies.
  • Possibility to connect  existing authentication solutions or to use our lightweight authentication toolkit. Authenticated audience assembly is activated using completely anonymous cohorts.

  • Robust segmentation capability using data collected through Optable, or using data connected from other sources.

  • Activation using newly available audience data and insights through existing ad tech infrastructure, supporting major ad servers and ad exchanges.

  • Campaign activation based on secure use of second and third party data from advertisers and data partners, enabling anonymous people-based targeting.
  • Identity resolution technology to join online and offline data to build a better view of the customer.

The platform to solve modern audience data problems.

The new era in ad tech is rooted in trust and consent.

Modern, device-agnostic, authentication-aware segmentation engine
Lightweight authentication toolkit and identity resolution technology
Easy activation through existing programmatic channels
Friendly customer support

“Publishers are taking control of their audience data to create future-proof ad products.”

Vlad Stesin,
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
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